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φυλακτό/filakto   n. amulet, talisman, phylactery  Talismans are found in many cultures.  

As a class, they are called "apotropaic" (Greek for "prophylactic" / προφυλακτικός or "protective", literally: "turns away") 

A Filakto/Talismans are created to protect against the evil eye are also frequently called "evil eyes".  The evil eye, known as μάτι (mati), "eye", is to have been a fixture in Greece dating back to at least the 6th century BC. In Greece, the evil eye is cast away through the process of xematiasma (ξεμάτιασμα), whereby the "healer" silently recites a secret prayer.

My beloved grandmother was one of those healers who started my Evil eye collection as a child. I was devastated when I lost her and my mother became ill. This was my healing my blessing my energy restored. Now I share my blessings w you! This accessory is your talisman.  Wear it with much love, health, happiness & blessings of the universe! #Eyelove it #Eyeprotect you #Eye Am your Filakto

From the ancient lands of the Greek Gods & Goddesses to the savvy streets of NY Ballers & Fashionistas! The Mati Girl (evileye/eye) brand embodies & delivers Beauty, Power, & Strength! A brilliant design makes a brilliant impression!

Exclusive & Ethereal


ELA’S couture designs are exquisitely hand crafted & custom made. Our expert eyes mission is to excel & exceed expectations with our couture collections. Such fine craftsmanship the Greek Gods would be impressed!

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